Freection in an aluminum pedal coated with rubber and with a pivot made of steel to ensure style and safety in bicycle riding. Aluminum is applied on this pedal for strength to meet the challenges posed by some of the most extreme sporting requirements while rubber is applied for the ultimate comfort of the rider. With 2 years of research and development behind it, the Freection is designed to give the rider not only comfort but also safety.

In order to develop this remarkable design, the company started a partnership with Vibram, a company leader and with decades of experience in rubber production market. The result was the development of a replaceable cover for the pedal that comes with a steel pivot which is able in withstanding the stresses of a bike descent.

Benefits of Freection:

- Offers the Rider Three Different Lifestyles while Rider a Bicycle
- Prevents Postural Problems
- Prevents Injuries
- Can be used with Barefoot, Shoes, Boots or even High Heels in any kind of Weather or Environment

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at: and it offers pledge levels from €10 to €850+, with rewards ranging from the gratitude to 10 Freection Kits and much more.

The goal of this amazing campaign is to raise €25,000 by Monday May 15th and everyone is welcome to back Freection on Kickstarter.

About Freection

Freection is a revolutionary European design that will redefine the way people do bicycle riding, particularly in the extreme environment. It is designed with a sole aim of giving safety, style and comfort to a rider at all times while minimizing the risk of a fall or posture problems. The company is now seeking public support on Kickstarter to get this amazing product ready for everyone.

Contact Person: Pietro Spreafico
Company: Distahl srl
Address: Lecco, Lombardia, Italy
Phone: +39 342 7782397
Email: [email protected]

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