Recently, rural experience and natural healing programs have become popular among modern people who are tired of daily life in the city and children who need hands-on learning. Thus more and more places are carrying out such programs. The farms provide harvesting and animal feeding experience, and they also hold the healing program in the educational space at the foot of the healing center forest.

Located in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, 'Sohyang Ecofarm' attracts attention as a place where visitors can enjoy various experience programs.  At Sohyang Ecofarm, visitors can tour around the area and conduct hands-on learning activities with children. It operates facilities and Goheung explorer guide program, healing program, and making citron pizza and dumbung bread made from local food and farm-grown agricultural products. Also, the farm itself is in nature, so it is good to heal with calmness.

Sohyang Ecofarm produces and sells cherries and plums directly and is also engaged in discovering excellent agricultural products and specialty of sale bread. Non-farm income projects include farm stay, healing farms, and the development and operation of hands-on tourism and education programs.

Kim Won-ho, CEO of Sohyang Ecofarm, said, "Recently, more and more people are visiting the farm for healing. They also use accommodation facilities and a lot of families visit for children's hands-on learning," he said. "Sohyang Ecofarm is a farm that directly grows cherry and plum plants, and it has an environment where you can grow and harvest vegetables or fruits in each season. In the future, we will try to promote our local specialties and provide richer experiences to those who visit our farms."

Meanwhile, intending to revitalize the local economy, enhancing vitality in farming and fishing villages, and boosting investment in the sixth industry, Sohyang Ecofarm participated in the 2020 Jeonnam Youth Village Road project.  The Jeonnam Bioindustry Foundation's Eco-Friendly Agri-Bio Research Center planned the project, and Sohyang Ecofarm produced promotional v

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