FruitsMaid has announced to seek public support on Indiegogo for their amazing project of setting up a manufacturing plant for 100% organic fruit juice. It is a project from Cameroon, a country in Central Africa and the creators felt the need of providing natural and healthy juices to the massive population of the country that is deprived of healthy and nutritional food.

With an amazing and comprehensive plan of action, FruitsMaid aims to produce natural and healthy juice from fruits such as pineapple, ginger, carrots, beetroot, guavas, mandarins, grapefruits, oranges, papayas, lemons and coconuts, etc. The company aims to set up everything from manufacturing to distribution and sales mechanism.

The juices manufactured by FruitsMaid will have countless health benefits and they will mainly play a significant role in fighting obesity and diabetes. These juices will be prepared naturally without adding any sugar or other additives, making them entirely organic and natural. Due to the excessive use of carbonated sodas and other harmful drinks, there are several health conditions dramatically arising in the area and these juices will counter those illnesses at an affordable price.

The Indiegogo campaign is located on the web at:  and it offers everyone to find out more about this comprehensive project while making donations starting from $5. Moreover, people can also join this project as partners and they can literally take the benefits of the fruitful outcome of this project while remaining updated with the progress made by the team at all times.

About FruitsMaid

FruitsMaid is a healthy project from Cameroon in Central Africa and it aims to set up a complete manufacturing and distribution plant of healthy fruit juice. The region is rich and naturally blessed with a variety of delicious fruits and the creators of this project aim at getting the juices of these fruits for everyone. In order to do that, they have now launched an Indiegogo campaign and everyone is welcome to support FruitsMaid.

Contact Person: Jérome maxime Akono Nkoa Olinga
Company: FruitsMaid
Phone: +237 695353896 / +237 671140873
Email: [email protected]

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