Furniture in Fashion was founded in 2007. In just ten years, it has become the UK’s leading online furniture store with dozens of products for living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms all thanks to a strategy of steadfast commitment to its customers. The founder of the company, Asad Shamim, promised that his business would offer an unparalleled selection of furniture items for an unbeatable price, and given the firm’s growth over the last decade, it would appear that those promises have been kept.

The growth of the company is nothing short of remarkable. Furniture in Fashion is now the largest producer of storage furniture in the UK and manufactures and produces furniture in more than five countries. Its distribution centre in the UK covers more than 3.5 acres. Using its enormous warehouse and manufacturing facilities, the company claims that it is able to cater to practically all of its customers’ furnishing needs and deliver them to a location of their choosing.

Niche, Handpicked Products

Furniture in Fashion has successfully differentiated itself from the other large online furniture retailers by explicitly focusing on quality. Rather than simply shipping furniture from the lowest-cost manufacturers offering the largest bulk discounts, the company decided to concentrate on a combination of quality and price instead. As a result, Shamim insists that all of the products sold on the online store are hand-picked. Thus, Furniture in Fashion looks for evidence of painstaking craftsmanship and offbeat designs in every product in its range so that it has something to suit all customer lifestyles and tastes.

However, despite the premium appeal of the brand, Furniture in Fashion is still committed to keeping prices low. Not only does the company offer eclectic collections at factory prices, but also provides vouchers and coupon codes at regular intervals so that its customers can enjoy even more money off their products.

Free Delivery And 24-Hour Customer Service

To remain competitive in the UK and international markets, the firm offers a range of shipping incentives to benefit customers. Not only is delivery free, but clients who don’t want to wait for their new furniture to arrive can get next day shipping.

The company’s customer service department operates 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and provides live help for a variety of common issues, including damages, sales, returns, missing parts and refunds and cancellations. There is also a ticket system on the company’s website where customers can get in contact with customer services online.

This year, the company, which is a supporter of Young Entrepreneurs in Business, celebrates its tenth anniversary. In the future, it plans to keep doing what it has been doing: staying innovative and focused on new furniture ideas. Going forward, the Furniture in Fashion says that it will continue to scour the globe for inspiration and supply its design-oriented customers with the furniture they need. By working with world class interior designers, the company hopes that new product lines will bring it even greater success in the future

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Company Name: Furniture In Fashion
Contact Person: Joseph Myers
Phone: 01204 792700
Address: 14 Stonehill road, Bolton, BL4 9TP, UK
Email: [email protected]

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