Innovators say their new product will achieve energy independence for those using anything from a power tool to an eBus.

Dallas, TX - GCE Research Inc. announces a new charging solution that will offer industry and consumers a 75% savings in cost and time. How so? Working in tandem with all primary and secondary batteries, a charge using the new technology can be fully charged in less than ¼ of the time versus traditional chargers, while extending the life of the battery. Providing high performance, safety, and speed, the heat reducing technology minimizes break off waste during power delivery to save energy as well.

Typically, limitations ensue due to the excessive heat that develops when moving too much current through a conductor too quickly. Considering the heat-generation issues that are based on Ohm’s Law, the new method uses a coil system technology and an electromagnetic field to deliver electric power.

Young Kim, the principal engineer and researcher at GCE Research Inc. in the U.S., said, “GCE found there was an incompatibility between the electricity from the typical battery charger to the battery and this is the source of its heat generation. Our technology reduces that incompatibility and removes the heat in the battery to increase its capacity and make it safer.”

A fault-tolerant prototype has been tested in the independent testing lab ETL Dallas with results available in mid-November. A patent for the technology was filed in January 2017.

About GCE Research Inc.:
GCE Research Inc. has created an alternative battery charging solution that works with LiFe, LiFePO4, LiPo, Lead-Acid, and Alkaline batteries.

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