The (ANRF) Arthritis National Research Foundation is seeking donations from well-wishers to help it continue its efforts in fighting arthritis. The organization is the only one of its kind to fund the research for arthritis and to focus on establishing a cure for the disease.

In its bid to bring awareness to the disease, the organization urges people to show their solidarity every May of each year by wearing blue and some of their gear that lauds finding a cure for arthritis. The organization is also appealing to donors to fund its research by donating all-year round to the cause, with all of the donations being tax-deductible.

Funding Brilliant Scientists

The core of the organization’s mission is funding scientists whose primary interest is finding a cure for arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. The president of ANRF, Shaun Skeris, says this regarding the beneficiaries. “These MDs and PhDs have innovative ideas, but limited funding to move forward. If, after a rigorous review process they are ranked among the best of the best candidates, they’ll be eligible to receive a one-year grant from ANRF to work on their idea. This enables them to move the study ahead more quickly and more in-depth.”

ANRF has done well in disbursing the funds given to them. Charity Navigator has rated the organization at 4-stars for eight years straight, a feat that has only been achieved by 2% of charitable organizations.

Children Are Also Affected

Contrary to popular belief, arthritis is not a disease afflicting only the elderly. The organization says at least 300,000 children and teenagers have juvenile arthritis. These statistics fuel ANRF's mission to find a cure that will cut across all ages to relieve all the affected of the pain that comes with the disease.

The Arthritis Foundation accepts donations all throughout the year. It has an online platform that interested donors can conveniently make pledges to both the charity for children and the central research fund.

About Arthritis National Research Foundation

The organization was founded in 1970, with the sole aim of funding scientists to find a cure for arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. Since it's inception, it has funded over 250 scientists and been able to give between 10 and 20 grants per year. It is headed by world-renowned scientists and has consistently received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

For more information on how to donate to the cause and for testimonies from grant and donation recipients, visit the ANRF website.

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