Stories of escape are stirring public awareness and support through new anthology release.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - October 23, 2017 -- Carolyn Wells announces the long-awaited release of her new anthology, Start Again, Inspiration from the Sunny Side of Adversity. There is good news in human trafficking and one story of escape is stirring public awareness and support. In this new anthology release, brave women share stories of their tenacious climb from the depths of human trafficking, homelessness, domestic violence, infidelity, grief, and divorce to inspire women to extract the advantages from their adversities for self-empowerment and service to others.

“The world needs more anthologies like yours—uplifting, empowering, encouraging!” said Amanda Coffin, Copy Editor. Given the recent devastation sweeping across the nation, the release of Start Again is a well-timed mixture of grit and inspiration. A portion of book sales are earmarked for charities committed to women’s empowerment.

About the Author
Having worked in the corporate sector for most of her professional career, Carolyn Wells traded in her suburban office space for a window seat to the world to become a flight attendant with a major carrier. When she is not soaring at 30,000 feet, she spends her time volunteering and honing her passion for creative writing, photography, and cooking. Carolyn Wells is a passionate volunteer with many credits to her name; most notably:

- The Seven Seals Award in recognition of significant contribution while serving on the Diversity Working Group committee in support of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).

Start Again, Inspiration from the Sunny Side of Adversity, Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition, get your copy today for a hefty serving of inspiration.

Carolyn Wells, Author
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @sunnysideofadversity
Telephone: 213-444-3342

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