Gravitycentredallas will launch a new website,, as the premier resource for fake doctors notes. The website will be launched on March 4, 2017, with a series of posts to mark the occasion. will feature advice about and samples of fake doctor’s notes for use at school and work. Posts will be frequent and the site designer plans on updating the site to accommodate user needs. The team has made it clear that customer service comes first at their new website.

Fake doctor’s notes are useful for all sorts of occasions to gain exemptions from school or work. Unless carefully created, however, they can be easily spotted. Here is where comes in. Every post will aid in creating undetectable fake doctor’s notes, discussing the differences between good and bad ones, what they should contain, and how the formatting should look. Visitors to the website will find it to be a one-stop shop for their fake doctor’s note needs.

“We’re delighted to offer this service,” the spokesman said in a pre-launch interview. He is also site’s creator, designer, and manager. “We have extensive experience with fake doctor’s notes here at, and we want to make that knowledge widely and easily available.” Their team consists of fake doctor’s note experts from around the country. All their knowledge will be carefully organized and displayed for ease of access.’s founder felt the need for the website when he heard the stories of others and their fake doctor’s notes. “A of my friends had trouble with their attempts at fake doctor’s notes,” he said, “I reached out through various web communities and found out it was a common problem.” His own successful uses fake doctor’s notes showed that he had knowledge to share with others, which led to the creation of

Several customers have already expressed their enthusiasm for the coming website, and looks forward not only to the launch, but also to the potential for expansion. “A resource on fake doctor’s notes is just the beginning,” their spokesman said, “As we grow, plans on looking into adding other useful resources and guides for our customers.” As they prepare to launch their site, remains eager to see what the future holds.

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