Hop into spring with 10% off all Bark at the Moon Treats in Green Butterfly Brands’ Easter Sale on Amazon

April showers bring… 10% off Bark at the Moon Treats on Amazon. Celebrate Easter and the start of spring with Green Butterfly Brands’ Easter Sale. During the time of new life and beginnings, start off right by buying only fresh, all-natural treats for your pet. Green Butterfly Brands offers an array of healthy, safe treats for dogs and cats through Bark at the Moon. These treats contain only natural of ingredients sourced from the United States, and have received top marks from dogs all over the country in categories of health, nutritional value, and flavor. “We are just as excited for spring and starting fresh as you are,” said Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands, in a statement regarding the Sale. “That’s why we’re announcing an Easter Sale that’ll allow customers to save 10% on their next Bark at the Moon purchase.”

The Easter Sale includes all Bark at the Moon Pet Snacks, starting with their Turkey Treats. These original treats are grain-free and low in fat, with human-grade ingredients like turkey, molasses, and in-season vegetables. The Sale also includes their infamous Chicken Jerky. With just one ingredient, this jerky is simply made from USDA Grade A Chicken Breast. The third treat in the Sale is Wild-Caught Salmon. These treats are full of omega-3 fatty acids for healthy brain, joints, and immune system. The last treat was just recently released and has received much praise: Whole Chicken Hearts. Their most nutritious treat yet, Chicken Hearts are full of vitamins A, B, Taurine, and Iron to promote heart health.

“Our fans are loving our newest release: Bark at the Moon Whole Chicken Hearts for dogs and cats,” said Stanton. “They’re our most wholesome treat yet, and the best way to kick off a fresh, new season. We’d love for even more dogs to try the Hearts— the Easter Sale is the best time to do that.” With the Easter Sale, customers can now receive 10% off their entire first order of Bark at the Moon Treats with the promo code: BARKIN10.

About Green Butterfly Brands

Green Butterfly Brands is a small, family business committed to providing quality cat and dog treats made in USA only. Bark at the Moon Natural Pet Treats offers pet owners a healthy way to reward their furry friends for love and loyalty. Bark at the Moon’s All-Natural Turkey Treats, Chicken Jerky, Premium Salmon Treats, and All-Natural Chicken Hearts can be purchased on Amazon.

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