Los Angeles, CA - Green Locksmith has announced the launch of its new locksmith service: garage door locks.

Andrew Fulsom, marketing manager, says the new service is aligned with the company’s vision to be a full service provider and a one-stop shop for all of its customers. “People get locked out, whether it is their home, their car, or their garage, and it’s frustrating. The don’t want to have to find a locksmith, or to call one they have dealt with before only to be told they cannot handle that particular problem.”

Adding garage doors to its existing line of services he says ensures the company can better serve its clients’ needs.

Unlike some companies that may only specialize in one area of locksmith service, Fulsom says his company is experienced in residential, commercial and auto services. “We want to be able to develop a relationship with our clients. To be there whether they have trouble at home, at work, or on the road. Beyond the peace of mind this gives them – actually knowing who they are dealing with – it helps us better serve them when we can provide complimentary solutions and advice.”

Green Locksmith has been serving clients in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County and San Diego, for many years and has developed a reputation for quality services and affordable prices. Fulsom says his customer service team is equipped to determine what customers need in order to provide thorough estimates up front. Where unknown issues present themselves on site, the team’s qualified and experienced locksmith will explain the unknown and present the customer with a revised quote on site.

“We’ve heard stories from people who were given one quote and then the final bill was much different from what they expected. Our goal is to be open and transparent about costs, and to explain any complications, so the customer fully understands.”

Among Green Locksmith’s other services is a home security analysis that includes an inspection of window, door and garage door locks, and a thorough examination of other possible entry points to help homeowners understand where they may be vulnerable and how they can best protect their homes and families.

Fulsom says whether his team is providing an analysis, lock replacement, or helping a homeowner get back inside after they’ve lost or damaged a key, the focus is always on client satisfaction and security. “That also means before we conduct any work, we confirm that the person we are dealing with should have access to the property they are trying to access. “We’ll ask for identification, proof of residence, just to be sure.”

The same professionalism and attention to detail applies to commercial access as well. Here, technicians are trained and equipped to deal with the latest in locking and alarm systems, and can advise clients on which options may be the best for them where they may be looking to have something new installed, or need to have something that has been damaged, replaced.

“We understand that our clients’ security is what gives them peace of mind, what helps them sleep at night and what allows them to walk away from work at the end of the day, knowing they are protected. From our end that means making sure we have the services they need, back by the team and equipment to get the job done.”

For more information, visit:

Green Locksmith
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