San Diego, CA - Green Towing San Diego has just announced the addition of a new accident removal towing service to its existing line of tow capabilities.

Steve Sanders, marketing manager, says accident towing is distinct from other towing services because of the complexities involved. “Generally, when we’re talking about an accident that requires a tow, we’re talking about high traffic or congested areas.”

This means tow drivers must be skilled, not only in the work of towing, but in keeping themselves, drivers, and their vehicles safe. That means having confidence in what they’re doing, an ability to work quickly and efficiently, and the knowledge to ensure a tricky situation isn’t made more dangerous.

Tow drivers must also be equipped to deal with and to understand that drivers may be angry, frustrated, or even shaken by the accident, and that there may be another disabled vehicle, or more involved, and other tow drivers on scene. “In an accident, especially a multi-vehicle incident, there are a lot of factors at play, a lot of different components, sometimes including police or emergency vehicles, who are also involved. It’s important to be comfortable in that environment.”

Sanders says accident towing often generally involves vehicles that are already heavily damaged which means they require special handling and care. “You don’t call for a tow if you have a minor fender bender or there is cosmetic damage to your vehicle. You call for a tow when your vehicle is unsafe or unable to drive on its own.”

Special handling to ensure the vehicle does not become damaged further requires a knowledge of various tow options, the capability to address various needs, and the equipment to handle the job. Sanders says all of Green Towing’s drivers and vehicles are equipped to handle whatever situation they are dispatched to, including the most complex accident scenarios, which can sometimes involve pulling a vehicle into a position from which it can then be properly towed.

Green Towing has been providing 24 hour a day, seven day a week service throughout the San Diego area, including to many adjacent cities including Chula Vista, El Cajon, Escondido, Oceanside, and Vista for many years. Sanders says the company has developed a reputation for reliability and quality service that will fit well with its new service offering, and goals.

The company’s regular services include battery replacement, jump start, flat tire repair, locksmith services, fuel delivery, as well as long distance tow services.

Sanders says all of Green Towing’s tow drivers are specifically trained to handle a variety of situations and equipped with the latest equipment to handle even the newest of vehicles. The company, he says, is backed by a 30-minute call guideline, adding that customer service teams are trained to set realistic expectations, to help clients understand any unique requirements of their particular calls, and to prepare clients with the information they need.

“We try to ensure both responsiveness and a high level of transparency so clients are not surprised along the way and so that both the driver and the client share the same understanding of what is to happen,” says Sanders.

For more information, visit:

Green Towing San Diego
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