18, July 2017: Gun Retailers across California are reporting significant drops in sales due to the stringent new law changes recently imposed in relation to the ownership of 80 percent guns. For a store such as US Patriot Armory, which only sells 80% parts for rifles and pistols, the drop in sales could potentially be significant.

Previously anyone who wanted to own a weapon made from 80% parts such as this 80 percent Glock Kit did not have to register that gun, as technically when sold it was a number of individual parts that were not capable of firing a bullet. The new legislation currently only applies to rifles, but many people believe if it is judged to be a success, then pistols will be next in line. If this was to happen it is likely to cause significant, even catastrophic economic issues to gun retailers.

One shop owner who wished to remain anonymous said “I understand the concerns regarding the use of guns, but these draconian measures could cause a number of retailers to close down. In my opinion this is a knee jerk reaction and the lawmakers have gone too far, I am seriously concerned about our future as a business.”

The idea and concept behind the 80 percent rule when it was first created was that people did not have to register as a gun owner, if they were buying something such as a 1911 parts & accessories kit. The change in legislation now means that a lot of simple rifles and parts that were designed to meet the requirements of that law will now fall outside of the 80 percent exemption for registration. This could be the first step of many towards drastically changing the law for gun ownership in the United States.

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