Arnon Dror attended his alma mater, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the late eighties through early nineties and credits his education to much of his professional success. With recent news of the University's new rank of 11th place globally for mathematics (June, 2017, Shanghai Ranking Consultancy), the Xerox VP has made a donation in the hopes that incoming students will have the the same opportunities as he did in his Finance and Economics higher education programs at the university.

The successful career that Dror has enjoyed has taken him from his most recent position with Presstek to now VP of Finance for the US channel group of Xerox. "I was positioned very well for my career thanks to the professors and programs at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It gives me great joy to see this wonderful school soaring to new heights across so many disciplines, not just math" smiled Arnon. The university is also placed 40th in political sciences, 39thth in communication and 46th in economics.

Arnon Dror graduated from HUJI with his BA in economics and business administration, then with his M.A. in micro economics and an MBA in finance in 1993. His career has taken him to global responsibilities with previous companies Presstek, Kodak and now Xerox. His career has benefited from his education and connections and he's not alone.

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The university boasts Albert Einstein as one of its founders, and has earned over $US20 billion in commercialization revenue over the years. While the professors are merited for patents, the progress of the school is also fueled by its alumni.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's second oldest university, established in 1918 (30 years before the founding of the State of Israel). They have three campuses and 5 affiliated teaching hospitals, more than 100 research centers and 315 academic departments. There are over 6,000 patents associated with the school along with some of academia's top minds such as Sigmund Freud and Marten Buber. Notable alumni include Natalie Portman, Leo Apotheker (former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and SAP), along with 7 Nobel Prize laureates.

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