The No Sweat Antibacterial Sports Wash Laundry Detergent available on amazon at is a must have product for all those fitness enthusiasts, gym goers, athletes and other sports professionals who love to sweat it out. With sweat, there come bacteria and germs. So, keeping the clothes and body safe from such germs and bacteria is important not only to maintain hygiene but also the overall health of an individual. This laundry detergent is antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-allergen and antifungal. This is not a regular detergent that just washes the clothes. This detergent is different because it washes the clothes from the core eliminating any kind of germs and offering a fragrant fabric at the end of the wash.

The No Sweat Sports Wash Detergent digs deep into the fabric and dissolves dirt, grime, germs or bacteria without leaving a residue and masks the fabric with an excellent fragrance. Washing workout clothes can never get better. For those who always find trouble washing their gym clothes or workout clothes, must try this No Sweat detergent. Many moms and dads also find it difficult to turn the dirty laundry of their kids, especially those clothes which kids wear to their football, baseball, soccer or any of their favorite games. For all such parents, this detergent is a must try. No Sweat is available in three colors — Fragrance Free, Sweet Freesia and Citrus Rush.

The No Sweat Antibacterial Laundry Detergent is made up of a proprietary blend of enzymes which are scientifically formulated to lift any kind of odor causing germs or bacteria. They remove any such grime and germs directly from the fibers and simply dissolve them away. There are no harsh chemicals involved, no artificial perfumes used and simply no residue. It is pure freshness to the core. This detergent works like magic when washing the sweaty clothes but maintains the quality of the fabric with no lint whatsoever. “Worth the Price, bought a second bottle!” says Mrs. Jones who was very satisfied for having bought this product and adds further “I have used it on a variety of fabrics with no issue, including chiffon. I noticed an especially big difference with my towels, they’re fluffier and the whites are crazy whiter”. The detergent is also available in different sizes right from 4 oz. trial packs to monthly packs.

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About No Sweat

No Sweat is a laundry detergent which is environmentally safe and eliminates any sweat-related odor or stains on the fabrics which are most common during workouts or exercises. The active ingredient is known as Bio-Blast which penetrates into the tightly woven fabrics thereby offering deep clean on the bacteria-clogged fabric. It works similar to a skin exfoliator and leaves the fabric smelling fresh and nice.


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