Yi-Links, the trusted name in the USB Cables market, is now offering Micro USB cables which are made from the best materials in the industry. The Charge & Synch USB Data Cable is the latest in their product range and this cable provides an enhanced signal transfer with maximum speed and safe performance. Users can plug-in this cable to charge as well as sync their phones and tablets. The cables are made up of large gauge high purity ground wire and power wire which promise maximum speed and an optimal charging experience.

The cables are known for their enhanced signal transfer and create optimal communication between the smart phones or tablets and other devices. The high purity copper signal wire is behind the superior data transfer and sync. Users can notice that the communication is much better and faster with these micro USB cables. The outer layers of the cables are made up of high density, durable and protective jackets that can resist extreme temperatures. The internal layers are protected by dual shielding and help the signal wires do their job much more effectively and efficiently.

These USB Chargers or Phone charger cables are available in different patterns, designs and colors such as the Nylon Braided Micro USB cables with metal aluminum covers. These are 5 Pin cables which can be used for charging and syncing with smartphones, iPads, tables, iPhones, etc. These cables are perfect for power charging and express data transmission. They are stronger than the standard cables and are ultra-durable which means they are 5 times stronger than most cables available in the market today. Yi-Links offers these eco-friendly phone accessories and cables at the most competitive prices for wholesalers and retailers. All the cables are designed and manufactured under a 10000sqm factory with separate workshops for injection molding, leather casing and electro plating.

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