Spring Lake, NJ — With cold season in full swing and summer colds on their way, the best way to conquer your colds is to follow the holistic advice of Dr. Michael E. Rothman. Rothman is one of New Jersey’s foremost authorities on holistic health and healing.

Rothman’s advice starts with a simple, straightforward premise: “When you get sick with cold and flu symptoms, do you think that you need to ‘kill’ something? Immediately you think, I need antibiotics or more Vitamin C. This line of thinking can actually be detrimental to your health and perhaps even prolong your illness. Believe it or not, your body is smart and will overcome many infectious problems on its own. Unfortunately, sometimes the more you intervene, the worse you can get.”

He goes on to explain how some remedies, like Vitamin C, are less than helpful and even poisonous. Other remedies, such as homemade chicken soup, can help the immune system.

His recommendations include understanding over-the-counter remedies.

“Treating [cold and flu] symptoms with over-the-counter cold and flu remedies may make you feel better, but in reality, these commonly used drugs will not alter the course of your illness.”

With his advice, cold and flu sufferers can feel better, understanding the progress of their illnesses and how to feel better without lots of antibiotics, over-the-counter medicines, or other things that can make them ill in other ways.

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Rothman has dedicated his life to helping his patients understand the “how and why” of their health. He strives to provide the highest quality care utilizing natural, holistic, non-toxic methods. Dr. Rothman has an extensive background in Nutrition, Biochemistry, Physiology and Physics. This NJ holistic doctor is highly respected by his peers and is loved by his patients.

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