15, August 2017: Along with the team at Awaken, Ken Starr, owner of Home Comfort USA, as well as top executive Landon Brewer and the rest of the team have dedicated our efforts to putting a stop to commercial sexual exploitation. Together, we have helped 257 girls to date. This is an astounding achievement and our ongoing support and sponsorship of Awaken will only continue these efforts.

Awaken is an organization that started in 2011. They work every day in an effort to eradicate commercial sexual exploitation, educating communities and others on the dangers of sex trafficking. They work with victims of this heinous act by counseling them and guiding them towards regaining their lives. Melissa Holland and Jen Robinson founded this tremendous organization and have committed to providing direct services to victims, giving them traditional housing and transportation options, assisting in financial, medical, and medical aid, and counseling them.

Ken Starr in his role as owner of Home Comfort USA uses his position and ability to reach countless individuals to help better the community and those in need. Landon Brewer of Home Comfort USA is equally as dedicated. The focus of this partnership with Awaken is to give back, making the community a better place for women and girls who are caught up in this situation and need a way to get their lives back.

To learn more about Home Comfort USA, Awaken, and Ken Starr’s efforts to improve the community and other organizations we work with, visit our website at https://www.homecomfortusa.com/.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Jenyffer Vieira
Company: Home Comfort USA
Phone: 888-462-0089
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.homecomfortusa.com/home-comfort-usa-working-awaken-stop-commercial-sexual-exploitation/

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