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Interns are a vital part of the success of many businesses that often goes under appreciated and overlooked. Online internship platform Switch Idea hopes to help change that dynamic, celebrating September 1st as National Interns Day across India and holding a contest to determine and award the best interns in the country.

For many young people, their internship is a pivotal part of their youth giving them a chance to gain much needed experience in the career path they have chosen to take. Sadly, their hard work and sacrifice as an intern often goes unrecognized.

With the recent announcement by HRD Ministry, about making internships compulsory for engineering students, the industry will have a huge intake of interns this year, therefore producing 1.2 CR skilled leaders by 2025. Switch Idea , a CII approved internship platform, launched National Interns Day because interns are key contributors to the companies that they work for, and internships offer practical exposure for theoretical application to upstart a successful career.

National Interns Day is to be held on September 1st across India. The celebration encourages employers to get involved by nominating interns in six categories for special recognition. The winners will receive a chance to get verified internships at some of the largest, most respected industry leaders - something sure to make their resume shine.

Students are certainly very excited by the idea.

“Interns are key contributors for any organization across the nation,” commented a spokesperson from Switch Idea. “It’s important that their hard work and dedication is recognized. We’re partnering with top employers to help them celebrate their interns on the 1st of September.”

Categories available in the fun-spirited contest include: Technology, Marketing, Graphics and Design, Writing, Invention and Operations. All areas where interns shine across the country.

According to Switch Idea, interns themselves can pledge their participation by submitting a description of their internship experience, it's ups and downs, and what their internship has taught them about their industry, the workforce and life.

Interns and students have been quick to get involved.

Divya Parmar, from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida college, and who was employed by Logitia Solutions recently said, “Words can't describe how grateful and thankful I am to be interning for this amazing organization. From learning about infrastructure, to the creative forces of marketing; I've learned more this Summer than I could have ever imagined. I am thankful for the guidance and wisdom from the incredible staff (best 2 people staff this world has ever seen), and I hope to learn more in the coming years.”

Employers have been equally enthusiastic, to the idea and execution of National Intern Day.

“Love seeing this idea of National Interns Day in India,” commented Jeet Sanghvi, 32 years old, from Cresco Mobility Ltd. “Internships hold a special place in my heart. That's how I started in ad agency! I've done EVERY tiny job & shift there is from intern, mobile research, hackathons, board op & more that has lead me to my favorite... being the design head. All that from starting as an intern, that's why I love helping people get their start & watching them grow in radio & beyond!.“

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