December 05, 2017 – Chris Black, spokesperson for Hosting Marketers, announced that streaming fans and entrepreneurs can now enjoy RTMP hosting with RED5 and Wowza streaming engines. Individuals can order a Wowza RTMP demo account to experience the difference for themselves.

Pictures speak louder than words, but videos have the ability to shout an individual or company’s message to the rooftop and to do it on a global level. The options available at Hosting Marketers provide everyone with state-of-the-art technology that’s powerful, convenient and affordable with RTMP hosting with all accounts.

The company’s Wowza streaming engine provides high-quality viewing and transmission for multiple types of projects and entertainments. Customers can be ready to live stream their first digital media in just minutes and broadcast it live to social media. Wowza offers all the benefits of RED5 and has additional advantages.

Wowza RMTP provides opportunities for live streaming of events ranging from church services and sporting events to video conferences and product demonstrations. It’s equally applicable for smaller broadcasters that want to increase their audience. Streaming is available to multiple platforms ranging from Android and iPhone to VLC and Flash and the Wowza nDVR enables individuals to record, play, pause and rewind live streaming.

With the Wowza control panel, individuals have complete control over live streaming, on-demand streaming, camera streams and TV playlists. Originators also have the luxury of scheduling their videos for predetermined release times. Customized plans and add-ons are available.

Hosting Marketers is the leading shared RED5 hosting service, offering a convenient and cost effective method for live streaming and video chats around the world that supports web-based communication over a wide array of platforms. An added benefit for broadcasters is that no physical data is saved and viewers don’t need to wait for the entire video to buffer.

Customers can also enjoy FFMPEG hosting on any Hosting Marketers account. The company’s software converts videos to formats that can be streamed and viewed on most browsers. It also provides entrepreneurs with the ability to launch their own video site similar to YouTube. RED5 packages start at $4.95, making it affordable for the individual, startups and businesses working with smaller budgets.

Streaming is a hobby for many and a necessity for others. RED5, Wowza and FFMPEG options at Hosting Marketers places the power of superior streaming in the hands of the individual, enabling them to increase their visibility and reach audiences anywhere in the world with and easy to use technology.

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