Hot Orange is a reinvention of the 3D Printing Pen that gives the ultimate design freedom to those who love drawing in the air. It is a Ergonomic 3D Printing Pen that runs on Recycled Plastic like PLA and PET from old bottles and is made with high quality, reliable Hardware. Designed entirely in the Netherlands, it is a pure translation of Dutch innovation and the creators of this pen have aimed to make it the best, affordable, 3D Printing Pen in the market today.

The shape of this pen, which is actually shaped to the hand, along with its grip is designed in a way that that people from all age groups, particularly children can use it with amazing ease and better detail. The pen will give new meaning to the natural Creative Talents of children and adults like never before.

Moreover, it can be used by both lefties and righties, meaning that whichever hand people use for writing, they can use this pen with ease. Once drawing, users can make adjustments on the fly, without even repositioning a finger. Furthermore the pen automatically adjusts the temperature to drawing speed.
Just draw what’s in your head; the Hot Orange 3D pen takes care of the rest.

The creators of this remarkable pen are now seeking generous community support on Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to back this project.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: This ecofriendly 3D Printing Pen can be accessed through backing this campaign from several pledges. From EUR 7 to EUR 995, supporters can back this project and claim their rewards in form of several variants and packages of this amazing pen.

About Hot Orange 3D

Hot Orange 3D is a Dutch innovative technology company, who made this remarkable 3D Printing Pen of the future. That ecofriendly 3D pen has been created to push the limits of creativity while making it the most ecofriendly, safe, reliable and affordable 3D pen in the market today.

Contact Person: Mischa Barkmeijer
Company: Hot Orange 3D
Address: Menno ter Braaklaan 49, Delft,  The Netherlands
Phone: +34693520691
Email: [email protected]

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