Hotspot has been announced as an app to revolutionize nightlife for the 21st century youth and will update them about the parties and events in their own preferred areas. The app has been created as a global nightlife network as well as the ultimate online resource to eliminate boredom and solitude. Launched by a Nigerian 6th year medical student studying in ukraine Ejiro, the app will reshape the way people live their social lives in the night in the modern day world.

Hotspot is going to be a revolutionary addition for the tech-savvy lovers of modern day nightlife. The app will not only make the lives of millennials easy, but will also help them socialize better and make new amazing friends in their life. In a nutshell, the possibilities are endless and the potential is huge for everyone. The creator is now seeking community support for the app on Indiegogo and is welcoming everyone to generously support the project.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and its goal is to raise $600,000 with the help of community through this campaign. Supporters can pledge as much as they want to bring this upcoming nightlife sensation to life.

About Hotspot

Hotspot is an all new social network for the worldwide enthusiasts of nightlife. Founded by a 6th year medical student from Ukraine, the network will reshape social lives like never before with events, updates, happenings, parties and much more. The network is now seeking support on Indiegogo and everyone is welcome to back the project by making their generous pledges and donations for this cause.

Contact Person: Ejiro Omeru
Company: Hotspot inc
Address: lviv, Ukraine
Phone: +380939549327
Email: [email protected]

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