How It Works

Mass Media Release is a leading newswire service offering press release distribution and publication. Improve the online visibility of your business, product or service by submitting a press (media) release. Mass Media Release is an easy and online media release publishing service that connects you with new readers (consumers, bloggers, and journalists) who would otherwise not find your press (media) release or article.

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Media Release Publication Service

Submit your Press (Media) Releases or Articles and include a text link to your website for higher visibility. Your press release will be published instantly and benefit from high visibility placement on our website. Your press release will be archived and never taken down unless you specifically request it or delete it yourself. Your PR will gain permanent exposure on the Web.

Can I promote adult content or prescription drugs etc?

Yes you can! You may unlike other services publish almost everything like pornography/adult material, including: contents, pictures, and keywords etc. As long as your article don't violate our Editorial Policy, in a few words: you may not violate federal laws or publish information on: hate or violence-oriented, suggest racial intolerance, advocate against any individual or group, have insulting, obscene, degrading tone, or contain profanity. Not limited to support for terrorism/ radicalism/ religious fanaticism or infringes on the legal rights of others.

Value Added Services

We are cheap, you can edit and delete posts instantly! We offer a Lifetime membership Plan. We offer discounts and coupon codes to our members. We allow you to publish almost everything!

How can this publication services be so cheap?

We need your subscriptions to help pay for the Cloud Hosting, maintenance and additional services. We can not use Google Adsense to gain extra revenue, that is why we partner with other advertisers that do not care about the content our members publish.