Traverse City MI - The tax industry isn't short of tax refund calculators which allow users to estimate their refund before even filing a tax return. However, finding the easiest and fastest calculator to use could be a bit daunting. American Tax service, an online blog dedicated to helping Americans file their taxes easily and promptly has just revealed an easy-to-use calculator that can help people estimate their tax refund in just five minutes. The tax blog revealed the free online tax calculator from H&R Block is all that is needed to get a tax refund estimate in five minutes.

With the free online tax calculator from H&R Block, tax filers will only need to fill in their approximate earnings and deductions to estimate their next tax refund. The H&R Block calculator will also provide them with information regarding what they can expect to receive the following year.

Taxpayers can also estimate their refund numbers with the H&R block even without getting the W2 form. But taxpayers who already have their W2 form will only need to fill 3 numbers in the income section of the form. The three numbers include; the Total wages for 2018(which can be found in box one), Federal income taxes withheld (found in box two), and the State income tax (which is found in box 17). Americans who reside in states that do not have a state income tax are not required to consider box 17.

Taxpayers are also advised to file their taxes online as the method used in filing their taxes will determine how fast they receive their tax refunds. Using an e-filing system like the H&R block will help in getting their tax return in 3 weeks as compared to 6 weeks when using a physical form. There is also the advantage of having the option to receive one's tax refund as a direct deposit. The H&R is suitable for novice tax users and it offers an opportunity for Americans with an income of less than $66,000 for the year 2018 to file their taxes for free.

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