PRWeb gets slammed by The Huffington Post Union of Bloggers for Censorship of $100,000 Swiftcoin Prize Awarded to NSA whistleblower.

The Huffington Post Union today condemned the attempts by PRWeb to censor news on the $100,000 Swiftcoin Prize Awarded To Edward Snowden. PRWeb is a highly reputed online news distribution company owned by Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. The Huffington Post Union in conjunction with First National Innovation Brokers (FNIB) awarded Edward Snowden the $100,000 Swiftcoin Prize for revealing the extent of mass surveillance by the National Security Agency.

“Never before has PRWeb blocked a Press Release without providing any reasons.” Said Elizabeth Nesmith, the union chair. “We sent out a Press Release to news distribution networks giving the details of the award. All of them published the Press Release with some proposing edits but PRWeb rejected the Press Release outright giving no reasons. They still rejected it after we reached out to their management team and sent them three confirmation letters.” She added.

Edward Snowden was an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency and a contractor for the United States National Security Agency. He leaked NSA documents detailing the collection of data about United States citizens. Snowden has pursued asylum in over two dozen nations, according to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.

“We have switched to giving the award in Swiftcoin because of its advantages. It uses strong authentication and has a peer-to-peer communication protocol that is decentralized and trustless.” Said Elizabeth Nesmith adding that Swiftcoin hides “non-content” metadata, like the sender and receiver of attached messages, from passive warrantless wiretapping programs Edward Snowden is crusading against.

On the Swiftcoin website, it is described as electronic money that travels from computer to computer. Transactions are encrypted and anonymous, and there is no central bank or authority to watch over transactions or users. Bnak acts as an exchange and Swiftcoin price guide. The program is free to use. Notable individuals who are using Swiftcoin to communicate are the presidents of Bolivia and Venezuela. The two have also indicated that their countries could offer political asylum to the Edward Snowden.

Every three years, The Huffington Post Union awards the $100,000 Swiftcoin prize to individuals who have demonstrated their support for the use of data encryption technologies to safeguard communication. The results of a reader poll conducted through their website suggests that Snowden has won the hearts and minds of millions of data encryption enthusiasts worldwide. More than two thirds of those who responded to the poll think that he deserves the union’s $100,000 Swiftcoin “encryption hero” award.

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