Dallas, Texas, August 21, 2017 – Having received an honors degree in hypnotherapy from the only accredited hypnotherapy school in the United States, Steve Webster C.Ht is a licensed hypnotherapist renowned for his expertise in weight loss. Webster has now authored a trailblazing new book that aims to help people with permanent weight loss by harnessing the human subconscious. Titled Thin From Within: The Proven Breakthrough to Take It Off and Keep It Off, Webster claims to have lost over fourteen pounds by implementing the same methods mentioned in the book.

The book documents Webster’s journey towards shedding off his extra weight and keeping it off, only with the help of his mind. According to him, using one’s subconscious mind along with the conscious mind can help elevate the effectiveness of a diet and thus provide permanent and “automatic” weight loss.

“Obesity can be incredibly tumultuous for not only a person’s physical health, but their mental health too. The root cause of obesity is a person’s mind that has allowed them to gain all that weight. Steve Webster’s unique approach in Thin From Within discusses the correlation between the human subconscious and weight loss. The methods in this book help people with permanent weight loss by doing virtually nothing,” stated a spokesperson for Webster in an official press statement.

Pioneering his field and helping hundreds of people along the way, Webster has treated many patients at Thinessence: his Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Wellness Center in Southern California. Aiming to spread awareness about hypnotherapy and its benefits, Webster is dedicating his life to this holistic branch of medicine.

In addition to his skills as a licensed hypnotherapist, he is now also a published author, thus helping an even bigger demographic of over-weight and obese people.

Steven Webster is available for interviews.

Thin From Within is now available on Amazon.com.
Book preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074SVM56X

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