Irvine, CA - (July 12, 2017) – Illuminent Inc. has announced that they are using a new direct sales strategy to distribute their innovative CBD and vaping products. After a long period of testing, Illuminent Inc. has opened their line of direct sales products to distributors in the US.

Using this new model, Illuminent plans to spread the word about their products with a network of fans and influencers who can reach the public directly. Through a referral system, distributors can leverage their existing social circles to make people aware of Illuminent’s revolutionary products and make money from suggesting them to people who are interested in healthier alternatives to tobacco. After signing up as distributors, entrepreneurs can build small businesses around the Illuminent brand and receive commission for every unit they sell.

According to Illuminate CEO Ryan Botsch, the direct selling program that Illuminent is implementing is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Illuminent benefits because they will now have an army of distributors out in the field spreading the word about their brand. This will increase buyer awareness as well as lead to a larger volume of sales. Distributors will benefit from the vast income potential of this hungry market.

This is a much more practical and less expensive way of exposing new audiences to Illuminent compared to classic marketing practices. It is about building a relationship between the customer and the company. Distributors will serve as a helpful medium that can educate people about Illuminent’s mission and premium products.

One of Illuminent’s greatest selling points is the quality of their ingredients. They only work with manufacturers that adhere to a high standard and are ISO certified in order to keep their e-liquids as clean as possible. In spite of their emphasis on purity and safety, Illuminent does not mark up their products at unreasonable prices like other companies do, and in fact their oils and liquids are some of the most reasonably-priced products in their niche.

There’s a lot of confusion in the vaping world when it comes to the question of what makes an e-liquid “premium.” In a lot of ways, it is little more than a marketing buzzword for a lot of companies. In Illuminent’s eyes, though, premium means using only the best quality, cleanest ingredients possible. It means not sacrificing purity in order to make a few extra dollars in profit margins. It means being committed to the customer’s safety above all. Illuminent’s mission is to break people out of their unhealthy habits by giving a much healthier alternative to smoking, and this starts with the ingredients themselves.

Illuminent is also a major innovator in the industry. They are the first to start offering a direct selling channel for premium CBD and vaping products.

About Illuminent
Illuminent is a premium e-liquids company based in Irvine, California. The soft launch of their direct sales channel will be July 12, 2017, starting with the highest quality Vaping and CBD products on the market. This company is making dramatic changes within the Vaping and CBD industries. For more information on Illuminent, you can visit


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