Weddings are wonderful, happy occasions. Full of joy, love and hope. The dress, the rings, the venue and the honeymoon all come together to create the dream fairy tale. Whether it is big or small, the fairy tale is a major financial and emotional commitment. Alas, sometimes the big bad wolf makes an appearance and sadly things go wrong. As such it makes sense to take out insurance to compensate you if the unthinkable happens. You’d automatically insure a car or a holiday, surely it’s wise to do it for your nuptials too?

Wedinsure is a new service offering couples peace of mind ahead of their big day. Specialists in wedding insurance, they are focused on the needs of those planning a wedding or civil partnership ceremony in the UK or abroad.

Wedinsure provides a great level of service for a very competitive price. They know that planning a wedding is stressful enough, without having the additional worry that something could go wrong. So they aim to make things as simple as possible, whether your wedding is small and intimate or big and lavish.

Wedinsure know that couples invest their heart and soul in creating their perfect wedding, so their friendly, knowledgeable team take extra care to craft insurance that is tailored to each couple. With nine levels of cover from £2,500 to £65,000, and with prices starting from just £20, it’s worth adding Wedinsure insurance to your budget.

However well you plan your big day, there are some unavoidable circumstances that could crop up and threaten to ruin your wedding. Illness, failure of suppliers, theft, or extreme weather are just some of the unplanned and unwanted things that can gatecrash a wedding.

Ensure you’re protected from the unexpected and get your happily ever after no matter what happens.

Mark Brown
Company: Wedinsure
Phone: 0333 003 3181
Address: 1 Towerfield Close, Shoeburyness, Essex, SS3 9QP, UK
Email: [email protected]

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