Portland, Oregon, August 28, 2017 — In this first book in the series, Sharon Sayler’s new children’s bestseller, Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters, Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline need to find and bring all the colors back together and make their world a colorful, happy place again. In this enchanting adventure, Pinky and Adeline wake up to find their world drastically changed. All the Color Critters have decided everyone is being too mean. Addendale becomes a very sad place.... Pinky and Adeline try to bring color back to their world – yet, the Color Critters are unimpressed – until they see it’s no fun to be in a world without color!

Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters is a charming rhyming picture book for young adventurers and peacemakers of every age. With engaging, whimsical art and playful rhyming verse, Pinky and the Princess weave a fantastical tale of inspiration on the importance of getting along, friendship, and teamwork.

“I worked to create an uplifting celebration of friendship, laughter and a positive message on the value of getting along.” ~ Sharon Sayler

As in the tradition of the timeless tale, Wizard of Oz, this wonderful book starts with delightful black and white illustrations and ends in a celebration of blazing full color.

This delightful book is perfect for children ages 3 to 8, teachers and storytellers, kids’ books enthusiasts, other ‘worlds’ aficionados, playgroups, and parties! Sayler’s book is a beautiful celebration of persistence, cooperation, and self-discovery to share with someone special—young and old alike.

The characters in Sharon Sayler’s worlds come alive in her rhyming picture books! Each of her books are filled with magical stories woven together with life lessons and beautiful illustrations designed to entertain and inspire young minds, stimulate their imagination, and even educate.

As a children’s author, Sharon Sayler’s passion is to show through fun and creative storytelling great values and life lessons in a playful and easy to understand way. Sharon’s work as a corporate communications expert has refined her belief that if our children are to create change in the world, they need to have early exposure to diversity, getting along, empathy, persistence, and understanding that each person has individual characteristics that make them unique – and that’s okay….

Sharon Sayler is available for interviews.

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