India Property Journal has managed to create a formidable online presence in today’s real estate market and has launched the website with new features. Based on sales, and real estate marketing business, India Property journal is an intermediate between property seekers, realtors and the current market trends.

All the current market trends and estimated values of property are brought to the readers to help them make an informed decision.

The re-modelling of India Property Journal has brought with itself added components, making it easier for prospective property buyers to make a purchase decision. Some of the recent added features include:

• Featured Projects
Information about the list of real estate projects, apartments, flats, houses etc, are available on India Property Journal. It enlists all the residential requirements for the homebuyers. The real estate property listing are advertised for the readers to choose from.

• Upcoming projects
The category gives you the insights into new housing, residential, commercial, real estate projects in Delhi/ NCR. It allows the buyers to make a viable decision based on the project catalogues, according to their budget, and preferences.

• Blogs
The blogs section gives you an expert opinion and analysis for making informed choices based on the comparison between different companies. The readers can weigh the overall advantages yielded by a particular investment including its costs, coverage, and reputation. This helps the buyers in better decision-making.

About India Property Journal
Which neighborhood is the friendliest? What project should I book my next residence in? Is home ownership the right option for me? Answering such real life queries, India Property Journal is an online real estate adviser. With constant fluctuations in the Indian real estate market, India Property Journal is your most reliable source of latest updates in the realty sector.

Along with property news, the website covers all the current property trends, and upcoming projects in both commercial as well as residential market. Also bringing legal and taxation updates to the readers, India Property Journal covers every aspect of a critical property decision.

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