Informed Voter is a non-partisan political website that will help voters across the country determine how well their voices are being heard in the US Congress. The aim of this online Socio-Political Platform is to make it easy for voters to see on a vote-by-vote basis, as well as over the course of a term, how well aligned their elected reps are with their own views on issues that matter to them. Informed Voter will also help voters “follow the money” to see who is influencing the votes, and see how well their reps “walk the talk” of their election campaigns. By making voters aware of the political activities of their elected representatives in Washington DC, the site’s founders hope people will learn more about Congressional candidates and be more selective about who represents them.  The platform is now seeking generous community support on Indiegogo and is welcoming everyone for backing.

Informed Voter will aggregate statistics and data from some of the most respected  watchdog organizations in the country and deliver it without the biases that often cloud traditional media reporting. The user experience will focus on the person’s own Senators and House member rather than Congress as a whole, to provide voters with usable and actionable information.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters can back this project with even a single dollar to help the organization achieve its cause.

About Informed Voter

Informed Voter grew from Gallup research showing that more than 90% of incumbents won re-election in 2016 even though only 20% of US voters approved of the job Congress was doing. Our goal is to create greater transparency in Congress so that voters will have accurate, unbiased information when deciding who to re-elect and who to replace. Informed Voter will aggregate big data from multiple sources including the Federal Election Commission, The Center for Responsive Politics, and and parse it by state and House voting districts to give voters unprecedented insight into how well they are being represented in the US Congress and who might represent them better.

Contact Person: Gregory Root
Company: Informed Voter
Address: 171 Broadway, Rocky Point, NY - US
Phone: 631-849-4414
Email: [email protected]

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