Indianapolis, IN – Indianapolis based infrared inspection firm, Infrared Technologies Indiana announced it has implemented a new Industrial Electrical Inspection program. The Industrial Infrared Electrical Inspection program utilizes more than 25 years of industry knowledge as independent certified thermographers. This program gives industrial clients the most thorough and objective electrical inspection of their equipment and facilities.

The Industrial Infrared Inspection Program utilizes the newest infrared cameras to inspect panels, transformers, buss ducts, MCC’s, switchgear, and motors. Since infrared is thermal imaging, any “hot spots” caused by loose connections, overloads, or unbalanced loads are easily detected and can be tagged to be fixed.

Industrial plants, commercial buildings, warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, or any facility that utilizes a significant amount of power should consider an Industrial Infrared Electrical Inspection. Many insurance providers either request or require their customers get this procedure done. Infrared electrical inspection should also be a major part of predictive maintenance. The Industrial Infrared Electrical Inspection program makes it simple to complete these goals.

“Our technicians are insured and certified thermographers with an excellent track record with our existing customers.” – Art Tompkins, President of Infrared Technologies Indiana
The Industrial Infrared Electrical Inspection Program is extremely cost effective. The cost of an infrared scan compared to an electrician checking every connection with a meter is very cost effective. One detected issue could mean avoiding a plant shut down, as well as invaluable cost for safety.

About Infrared Technologies Indiana
Infrared Technologies Indiana is a Greenfield, IN, infrared technology service company. Infrared Technologies Indiana offers experienced, insured technicians that are certified thermographers. Using a perfect blend of professionalism, reliability, technological expertise and customer service. They review the client needs, explain the process, and quote a firm price before implementing their services or starting any project.

Contact: Art Tompkins
Infrared Technologies Indiana
Phone: 317.489.7199
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