New Initial Outfitters App Gamifies the Direct Selling Experience, in Order to help Consultants succeed

USA, 22 January 2018 -- SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Jan 22nd, 2018 – Founded in 2006, Initial Outfitters saw an opportunity to do something radically different – to teach others how to start their own personalization business through a supportive community. Today, Initial Outfitters has the privilege of working with thousands of amazing women who have a passion for something to call their own.

Through their work, they had a realization: their sales force, called Outfitters, needed a better way to start their new businesses quick. They discovered Krato, and together they created a new Initial Outfitters App that would engage the consultants with data, coaching, relevant messaging and a gamified path to success. The app presents Outfitters with specific actions that they can take to grow their own Initial Outfitters business, which makes the start-up process much easier.

The Initial Outfitters mobile app makes the sometimes daunting task of building a business much more manageable. Since the app cuts goals into smaller, easier tasks, Outfitters can have fun instead of stressing about what direction they should go in.

“We believe we exist to make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of our consultants and to truly make a difference, we must continue to innovate with tools to support their businesses”, says Initial Outfitters Founder Alicia Storbeck.

Added Co-Founder Beth Reeves, “recognition is very important at Initial Outfitters and our new app opens up fresh opportunities for that.”

Matt Lind, COO at Krato remarked, “Krato was honored to see the incredible reception that the Initial Outfitters organization had for the new Mobile App. It’s an honor to be a partner with the Initial Outfitters team to increase engagement and success.”

The direct selling industry is booming and generates billions in sales per year. The Initial Outfitters App—powered by Krato’s Journey—will help consultants stay engaged and increase their success. The Mobile app is currently available on both iOS and Android devices.

About Initial Outfitters
Initial Outfitters is growing around the country as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit of their sales force, called Outfitters. The company has an amazing array of personalized jewelry and gifts, however, it is what those products do for people that makes the difference in their success.

Initial Outfitters lives it mission by giving back though the IO Loves program. Because of the hard work and gratitude of Initial Outfitters consultants and customers, Initial Outfitters has funded one million lunches for impoverished children around the world. Find out more at

About Krato is an organization that offers innovative mobile solutions to direct selling companies. Their vision is to bring direct selling to a new level with advanced mobile technology. Not only do Krato’s tools help keep distributors on task; they help boost revenue by increasing customer engagement. For more information on Krato and what they have to offer, visit

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