Ordinary men’s underwear briefs and boxer briefs are tight to overheat balls, causes health issues. Boxers can release heat, but can result in chafing. Mr Right Underwear is specially designed utilizing “chimney effect” to release heat without chafing.

Erina, Australia – Olly Feng, Mr. Right Underwear PR Manager, announced that the company’s unique men’s underwear address health issues and provides new hope for couples trying to have children. The specially designed underwear works to maintain a man’s scrotal temperature at optimal levels for fertility and conception.
“Our patented design could reduce wearer’s scrotal temperature naturally,” said Feng.

Traditional men’s underwear is tight, restrictive, and doesn’t allow body heat to escape. Boxers release heat, but can result in chafing. Extensive research conducted abroad and at the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine demonstrated that those factors affect overall health, increase the risk of obesity and some chronic diseases, reduce testosterone production, and lowers sperm counts.

Mr Right Underwear is specially designed utilizing the scientifically defined “chimney effect” to release pent up heat through the right and left creases of the groin region, along with the wearer’s buttock area. There’s no uncomfortable chafing and there’s less chance of developing a fungal infection.

The new underwear is especially beneficial for individuals who struggle with fertility problems. The male body has natural ways of cooling the testicles, but tight underwear and modern outer garments significantly hinder that ability, along with the use of laptop computers, hot tubs and saunas. Sperm begins to die when exposed to prolonged heat, resulting in lower sperm counts and even misshaped sperm.

Gym workouts and even brisk walking can cause friction that results in chafing and the problem is of particular concern for men who engage in sports activities where testicular torsion can occur without sufficient support. Mr Right Underwear provides premium support that won’t bunch or constrict.

The innovative underwear is available in multiple sizes and colors to satisfy a myriad of personal preferences. Constructed of stretch cotton, the underwear also contains mesh strips that improve ventilation and the garments are specially designed to accommodate African-American body types. Consumers can also download the company’s free humor eBook.

Creation of the Mr Right Underwear provides men with an easy, comfortable and natural way to keep the groin area cool, address fertility issues, and maintain health. Men no longer have to suffer with chafing, overheating and bunching. Mr. Right Underwear offers a convenient and affordable solution that enables any man to take care of his health naturally.

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