InstaCast is the ultimate communication app of the future that will redefine the way people communicate through their smartphones. The app is not only the future of social media but is also one of the greatest need of the hour that was missing in the market. It is a simple yet genius tool that will enable friends and family to communicate with each other like never before.

Developed in the United States, InstaCast is now seeking community support through the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo and it is welcoming everyone to be a part of this amazing app that will redefine the way people talk. The greatest feature of the app is that it is designed to make it easy for the users to make a video call and then immediately share that video call to their followers or friends without ever leaving the app. Similarly, it allows audio calls to be podcasted as well.

Another amazing feature of this app is that sharing can only occur if both parties agree to share the call. This ensures the privacy of each user to the fullest. In addition, this Collaborative Tool has several other amazing features with benefits that have great potentials and applications.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters can back this project with their pledges that can range from $5 to $1000 with each pledge promising a great reward for the supporters.

About InstaCast

InstaCast is an all new social media app and the ultimate collaborative tool with amazing features that were never introduced in any social app before. The creators of this app are now seeking community support on Indiegogo and they are welcoming everyone for support.

Contact Person: Adrian Arango
Company: InstaCast
Address: West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Phone: (786)269 9019
Email: [email protected]

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