In recent times, there has been this great upsurge in competition among brands who wants to appear in the first page of search engine showcasing their products and services, while some achieve this fit many others fail from the first step and according to recent survey, businesses with no online presence is as good as non existence and with company such as InterAd with great expertise and vast experience in SEO services you are sure to have your business not just to beat other competitors in the same niche but to also remain relevant and appear on top of the first page of search engine each time a related keyword or phrase is queried.

InterAd communications is an international advertising and digital marketing agency who specializes in search engine marketing, search engine optimization, search engine advertising and social media marketing to provide wider internet coverage and branding of products and services all around the world.

InterAd Communications is well reputed for its use of traditional means of enhancing search engine visibility through effective content planning which includes, performance maximization to localization, online branding and online business optimization by engine in search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) search engine advertising (SEA) and social media marketing (SMM). The company provides these services all over the world.

The company boasts of 16 member team which include top key players which includes

Stanley JW Chang: (CEO), He is an SEO consultant with over 17 years of working experience and had worked with global co-operations such as Yahoo!,, AIG Insurance, Philips and the British Council

Youngmin Noh: (General Manager) Noh with over 17 years of working experience and had also worked with great companies such as Phillips, Microsoft, Yahoo!, British Council and AIG.

Jinwoo Park: (Technical Adviser) with 14 years of working experience, he had also worked with companies such Emirate Airlines, Amore Pacific Global, Kotra B2B Market place, Cebu pacific Air, Phillips and Microsoft

Among its list of official vendors include but not limited to big co-operations such as Phillips Consultancy Agency, Microsoft SEM Agency, Yahoo! Korea SEO and many more.

About InterAd Communications Inc.

InterAd communication is a digital marketing firm poised with providing unparallel online visibility of the products and services of its clients through performance maximization to localization and Online branding using the most effective SEO methods.

InterAd communications can be contacted through,
Email [email protected]
Contact Person Name: Juyoung Shim
Phone:  +82-2-3454-1513
Address: 2F. Gwanseong Bldg, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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