Winslow, Maine — Tony Bernard, a certified “Power Marketing Consultant,” CEO of Cornerstone Marketing Company, and Founder of Marketing Blueprint For Contractors with over 30 years of experience in the marketing industry, this week announced he is offering a comprehensive, informational workshop on his platform to complement his International marketing blueprint book: Marketing Blueprint for Contractors: The Fastest and Easiest Ways to Double Your Profits in 90 Days or Less.

Borne from a passion for providing business owners with invaluable insight and information regarding wasted marketing and advertising dollars, Bernard’s blueprint book, an Amazon #1 International Best Selling book in September 2015, successfully shows readers how to double their profits in any one of six easy ways.

“One great distinction to help multiply profits is the power of Follow-Up,” said Bernard. “Follow-Up is critical to all sales. Did you know that 48% of the time there is no follow-up by the company or salesperson?  Yet this is when only 2% of the sales happen. On the other end of the spectrum, only 5% of the time is there 4 or more follow-ups, yet this is when 80% of the sales happen!  2% versus 80% is 40 times.  I’m not saying you will increase you profits or sales 40 times by adding a good follow-up system if you don’t already have one.  But, you should be able to easily double or triple sales and profits by having a good follow-up system in place.  Read this paragraph one more time and let it sink in!  Can you see the power in follow-up?”

Bernard’s accompanying workshop will go through how to show contractors where they’re losing precious dollars and why it isn’t their fault, how to position companies as the “Contractor of Choice” and charge more for products or services, how to double profits in easy ways, provide two detailed case studies for showing tangible examples, and also show casing the proven proprietary system “Strategic Messaging Formula” typically will double, triple or quadruple profits.

As an Amazon #1 International Best Selling Author, Bernard has come to cultivate international respect and authority in the contractor consulting and marketing sphere.

“Marketing is a skill or craft just like being a contractor,” said Bernard. “Contractors know their craft very well; however, the marketing or business growth area is not typically one of their strengths.  That is where being open minded and taking action can really pay off.  Recognizing the need for help in the marketing or business growth area and getting the help needed from a real marketing or business growth consultant.  Doing what you have always done, will get you want you have always gotten!  Now, is the time for change!  Spread the word on the availability of my book and complimentary video workshop, and head on over to my platform today to learn more about how to multiply your profits, the easy way!”

Bernard’s book is for everyone looking to complete more projects with a higher profit margin, gain a competitive edge, and get in control of personal business so time can be spent on other important events. The book provides freedom and clarity about both marketing and business structures for any type of contracting company.

About Tony Bernard
Tony Bernard is an Amazon #1 International Best Selling Author and certified “Power Marketing Consultant.” His international consultancy experience hails from the construction industry for close to 37 years, being self-employed since 1991.  He has worked on over $17 billions of dollars’ worth of projects thus far in his career.  For more information, visit:
Company Name - Cornerstone Marketing Company
Contact: Tony Bernard, 207-877-0405
[email protected]


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