The “SHIMKO Will Gather Friends” Festival will take place July 21 and 22 on the bank of the Islach River. The festival, which is dedicated to health, will incorporate an array of activities, contests and competitions. The event organizer is Belarus’ famous strongman and Guinness Book of Records record holder Kirill Shimko.

Over 40 official foreign delegations from the U.S., Russia, Japan, China, Estonia, Poland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Ukraine, Moldova and Israel have been invited to take part in the festivities. Roughly 70 news agencies, TV outlets and radio stations will cover the festival, which is certain to entertain more than 3,000 people interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Igor Szucs, SHIMKO festival producer, said festival preparers worked hard to secure talented individuals to ensure success. He said attendees would find the various programs interesting, fun and truly enlightening. Being that this is an international festival, Igor Szucs said, “SHIMKO Gathers Friends” is a powerful incentive for the development of various economic sectors. The visa-free stay in Belarus for up to 5 days is granted to the citizens of 80 states: 39 countries of Europe (including all EU members), Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and other countries

By participating in the festival, you will have an unrivaled opportunity to promote your national tourist product to the market – to meet your potential clients. The festival program will include seminars, meeting and presentations, which are designed to connect you with new partners and get in touch with previous ones.

Organizers invite visitors to become participants in all sporting events – from the extreme to the fun and entertaining. Sports fans can partake in the various competitions such as arm wrestling, archery, amateur quad biking, laser tag tournament. There will also be women’s fitness, self-defense, physical training and a tournament tug-of-war in the river to enjoy.

Festival goers can also fly in a balloon, soak in a field bath, eat various dishes, join a master hip-hop class, participant in the “biggest tattoo” contest or the “Who will throw the samovar further” contest. There will also be Czech attractions, puppets, bus-disco, an exhibition of retro cars and motorcycles and representatives from a children’s driving school that will put on an amazing show.

People can relax from the sports activities in the relaxation zone, sipping team from a real 50-liter samovar on the coals.

Several well-known cover bands will perform hits from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, that’s sure to put everyone in a good festival mood. During the evening, festival goers can take part in the unforgettable night of disco, gifts and good times.

The “SHIMKO Gathers Friends” festival is sure to leave you with all kinds of wonderful memories and new friends.

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