Everyone is special because of the differences, and sometimes it take a child to understand a child. This book by John Paul Padilla sets the boundaries on Anti-Bullying for Children. Kids from an early age should be made to feel comfortable no matter how they look or seem to others. Award-winning author and poet John Paul has made this message his mission, especially through his fictional character, ‘Johnny Big-Ears’.

Johnny Big-Ears can be seen in action in two of John’s award-winning children’s books – “Johnny Big-Ears, the Feel-Good Friend “, and “Johnny Big-Ears Meets His New Neighbor Suzy”. Both stories derive from the author’s childhood experiences and are meant to inform kids about bullying and teasing and how to deal with it. The other fundamental lesson is how to accept ourselves as we are as well as others.

“Bullies are not born; they are made from what they see happening in their environment. If parents teach their kids tolerance and love for themselves no matter who they are or how they look, they will be more secure and happier kids who won’t want to tease others,” says John Paul.

John has set up the Padilla Goldworks Bullying Foundation to get his message across schools, cities, and states. He also volunteers time to share his message across the Central Valley of California schools. The

Johnny Big-Ears book is also now available in a Spanish version.

John’s campaign against bullying derives from his own personal experiences in school, where he was subjected to bullying due to how his ears looked. At eighteen, after surgery, he decided to simply follow his dreams, develop confidence and ignore what people said. The names of his characters are derived from these experiences and reflect the unique features of these kids that make them stand apart.

“Once we accept ourselves as we are, with flaws and all, we will all be truly more successful and happier people,” says John Paul.

The Johnny Big-Ears series is fully illustrated and ideal for children between the ages of 4 to 10. The books include a questionnaire and a special diagram. The two editions and the Spanish version are available at: https://JohnPaulPadilla.com/our-store

About John Paul Padilla

John is a self-published book author, writer, and public speaker against teasing and bullying. John Paul Padilla was born December 11, in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in several cities within the state, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and is currently residing in the Central Valley of California. In June 2003, John Paul was named a Distinguished Member by The International Library of Poetry. In November 2003, his first book, “Wings to Cross an Ocean” was released. In 2007, his poem, “Time for Myself” was chosen to be Editor’s Choice Award, along with being chosen along 33 other poets to be recorded in “The Sound of Poetry “, a CD collection of favorite poems chosen by the International Library of Poetry and Poetry.com. In August 2009, his first children’s book, “Johnny Big Ears, The Feel-Good Friend” was released. John self publishes his works through his own publishing company, Padilla Goldworks. For more information, please visit: www.JohnPaulPadilla.com

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