A Technologist’s Guide to Becoming Relevant!

Little Rock, Arkansas, January 26, 2018 – With a commendable repertoire in the field of Information Technology, Pat Bodin has contributed to some significant organizations, including CNN, Cisco, and more. In light of the ever-evolving business landscape, Mr. Bodin has now released a new bestseller to help technologists around the world, Get in the Boat: A Journey to Relevance. Drawing on others’ wisdom while presenting innovative new ideas, the book provides technologists with strategies and tools to become business savvy and lead organizations to success. It identifies the three tiers of business hierarchy and explains how technologists can use a color-coding system to better understand others in their organization.

Business leaders need technologists. The problem is that they don’t always realize it. Technologists are routinely dismissed as irrelevant at best and a hindrance at worst. The problem is partially misunderstanding and partially miscommunication. Thankfully, this book addresses both, analyzing how business leaders differ from technologists as well as how to speak relevantly.

In Get in the Boat, Pat Bodin utilizes his unique perspective to provide a fresh and effective take on how technologists can become decision makers within their organization, or “get in the boat,” so to speak. Technologists who are alongside business leaders in the lead boat have opportunity to impact the future of their organizations.

Technologists want to be strategic thinkers who are viewed as relevant and who regularly apply their capabilities to further their organization’s goals. The information shared in this book will help technologists elevate themselves to business relevance.

Apart from his achievements in the realm of Information Technology, Pat Bodin is an avid traveler and an executive coach. His IT portfolio includes collaborations with premier companies such as Lockheed Martin, Turner Broadcasting (CNN), and Cisco. He also founded Firefly, a renowned education and consulting company. He currently works with big-name IT vendors, helping them transition their companies to digital business models.

Pat Bodin is available for interviews.

GET IN THE BOAT: A Journey to Relevance is now available on Amazon.com.
Book preview: http://amzn.to/2DxHLOt

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