ORLANDO, FL - The average non-IT professional understands cloud and cloud computing as storage offsite for important data and information. Cloud computing is vital for companies that don’t have large IT resources allowing them to quickly scale based on their business demands.

The issue is cloud and cloud computing is much more complex than this. Smaller companies who lack IT departments with the understandings of the intricacies often need third party assistance to understand their specific cloud needs and types of services to move to cloud. Larger companies with dedicated IT departments are often too busy with the daily operations of the business, troubleshooting and the daily issues which pop up. Simply put, there is not enough time in the day for IT to concern themselves with infrastructure outside of what to do in the case of a catastrophe, and recovery of services.

Joaquin Fagundo is an IT executive that advises clients on cloud computing and strategy. He has intimate understanding of the differences of each cloud service provider and uses that knowledge to help companies leverage cloud computing to their specific needs.

“Cloud technologies have their challenges, and fitting a certain business model will not work 100 percent of the time. My goal is to educate awareness and experience on the proper implementation of these technologies for business owners,” said Fagundo.

Fagundo’s professional experience spans from the Disney Corp., to Carnival Cruise Lines and many other enterprise businesses in and around South and Central Florida.

Fagundo comes into an organization with no preconceived notions of the business or its cloud needs. He then uses his extensive experience in IT and cloud computing to guide the business to their successes in this journey. This means finding the correct cloud service provider, platforms and answering the biggest decisions: what should and should not move to cloud.

“Once I have this information, I advise the company with guidance on the migration from on-prem to cloud, execution of the plan and what the expected cost and benefits will be,” said Fagundo.

Joaquin Fagundo
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