Established many years ago in San Jose, J Towing Services has grown in its reputation and capabilities. Today the company has announced the addition of two new service offerings: accident removal and car lockout.

Marketing manager Victoria Bourne says J Towing Services was created with the intent to serve as many people in the San Jose area as possible, and to provide quick and efficient service 24/7. The addition of the new services is further to that commitment. “We recognized that sometimes our clients needed services that went beyond towing so we spent time training and developing expertise in the areas we felt would add value to our clients. Now we have established the capability we believe we need and we’re ready to offer these to our clients.”

Bourne says while the company has always provided a variety of towing services, accident removal is different. In the case of an accident, she says, vehicles may require special handling and care because of damage that is known, or damage that may be hidden and can be made worse by an inefficient tow. “A vehicle that has been damaged in an accident, no matter how minor the damage may seem, should always be treated with care until an auto professional can asses and diagnose the damage fully.”

She says every vehicle involved in an accident is treated as fragile to ensure additional damage is not created in towing. Generally, that means the use of flatbed tow.

Beyond the vehicle, Bourne says the driver of a car that has been in an accident also needs special care and attention. Understanding that drivers may be shaken, and in a situation that is new to them, J Towing Services’ drivers are sensitive to that and ensure they give clients all the information they need about what is happening. “Sometimes that means answering questions and sometimes that means answering questions that haven’t been asked because the driver is a bit shocked by it all or may not know what to ask.”

The other new service, car lockout, has been evolved based on an understanding that not every situation requires a tow. Bourne says while the company had expertise in a variety of roadside assist services including battery charging and flat tire change, they had not previously been able to handle locksmith services.

“Now we’ve had the time to train and practice our locksmith skills and we’re ready to offer this service to customers as well.”

Bourne says where before a car lockout or broken key might have required a tow, or a call to a locksmith that might take hours to respond, tow drivers, still driven by their 24/7 30-minute service time, are now also skilled locksmiths. “Whether it is a simple key that needs to be cut, a transponder that is acting up, a locked trunk, broken key, lost key, or ignition replacement, we’ve taken the time to ensure that all of our drivers are skilled and experienced to be able to handle the call.”

Beyond its new services, J Towing Services is proud of the solid reputation it ha developed in its other service areas, including long distance towing, luxury vehicle towing, and medium and heavy duty towing.

Bourne says the company’s commitment to its customers is as strong now as it was when it first established itself in the area all those years ago. “We will continue to serve our clients with the services they need now, and, as new demands arise in the future, will apply that same commitment to ensuring we develop the new skills and capabilities our clients demand in the future.”

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