Patrick E. Pierce, the owner of a digital agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has voiced his opinion on the world of operating an SEO company. “This is an emerging field. Of course it’s not easy by any stretch of imagination. The competition is difficult and unforgiving. All I can do right now is thank the wonderful team that I have. They have done some amazing work”, said Pierce.

Search Engine Optimisation helps increase rankings in Google. If the Google ranking of a website or blog is good, its chances for appearing on the front page of a Google search improves. This increments its chances of exposure, since people are more likely to choose website links on the first search page. “Jasa SEO has been excelling at this in the recent months. We provide quality control for various companies and their websites. Some of them are top ranked on Google searches”, stated a representative.

Pierce, on being asked about the on-goings of the company, said “Currently, we are in the process of expanding our office space. We may even hire more personnel for our research division. The website domain for pagesatu.comhas been officially registered as well. The goal is to make one of the largest digital agencies in the world and to employ world class minds. This would increase our efficiency tenfold. We receive five to ten offers from major companies and websites on a daily basis. This allows us to be extremely selective. So we make sure that we only work with the very best.”

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Jasa SEO is a SEO digital agency known for exercising quality control over numerous websites.

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