Jay Shree Tea always offers high quality tea brews to consumers at the best rates. Backed by certified tea estate managers and tea tasters, the company ensures that customers can get the best feeling while enjoying tea purchased from them. It is now offering the first flush for Darjeeling tea online at the best prices.

The first Darjeeling tea flush is the costliest one in the industry, and cannot be found everywhere. The online store of Jay Shree Tea allows customers the chance to buy Darjeeling First Flush Tea in the best quality, the finest blends and competitive costs. The store has got plenty of orders and the existing stock is continuously witnessing new additions.

At the moment, the company is offering Special First Flush Green Tea, Darjeeling Special First Flush Liza Hill Black Tea, Darjeeling Special First Flush Turzum Organic Black Tea, First Flush Puttabong Organic Black Tea and Darjeeling Special First Flush Puttabong Black Tea. Customers can enjoy different varieties of black tea from Darjeeling, such as Darjeeling Sungma Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea, Darjeeling Singbulli Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea, Darjeeling Puttabong Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea and Darjeeling Risheehat Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea.

Darjeeling tea is offered in wide varieties, such as Darjeeling Sungma blends, Darjeeling Risheehat tea, Darjeeling Puttabong tea or Darjeeling Balasun blends. Tea lovers can enjoy the most superior quality, with the best aroma and finest taste.

Customers can easily find various types of tea products from the store. The user-friendly store has isolated categories and a navigation structure that can easily be browsed. Consumers can purchase Black or Green tea varieties easily, and enjoy benefits such as cash-on-delivery and free shipping. The tea products have a blend of different kinds of tastes, and these arrive with affordable price tags. Other than Darjeeling tea, this store also sells Assam Tea in different variants.

Jay Shree Tea was established on 27th October 1945. It is a part of the BK Birla group and this supplier of premium quality Tea offers superior brews to tea-lovers at the most competitive rates in the industry. For many decades, it has inspired generations of Indian entrepreneurs. It has been the recipient of several certificates and awards.

About Jay Shree Tea

A premium quality tea supplier based in Kolkata, Jay Shree Tea is a part of the BK Birla group. It is the third largest producer of tea in the globe with 22 tea estates spread across India and even tea estates located in East Africa.

For further information, visit https://www.jayshreetea.com

Company: Jay Shree Tea
Address: Industry House, (15th Floor) 10, Kolkata, WB - 700 017, India
Phone no: +91 8335979301
Email: [email protected]

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