A revolutionary "smart water commuter" designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini and currently built in Italy, is going to disrupt the Urban Mobility across the Middle East and Asia.

Lazzarini Design has joined hands with Architaly Green Energy DMCC, a well-known sustainability & mobility advisory company based in Dubai, with the scope to set up a modern factory in the UAE, from where to deliver the innovative Jet Capsule and other smart urban vehicles across the Middle East and Asia territories.

Prof. David Provenzani, managing director of Architaly Green Energy, reported that this promising Joint Venture aims to disrupt the Urban Mobility concepts, particularly among large metropolis where water presence is extended and can allow to reach pivotal points of the city using smart water vehicles.

The Jet Capsule, said Provenzani, is a revolutionary luxury water commuter, able to reach every point and able to host up to 12 passengers into a "first class" connected cabin.

This solution can massively shorten the urban commuting time, giving a contribution in order to reduce traffic jams.

Many metropolis across Middle East and Asia have water everywhere (shorelines, lakes, channels, docks, lagoons, rivers).

Jet Capsule offers to any Public Transport Authority to easily set up a widespread net of "Water Stations" across the city, with low cost infrastructures, offering a smart & sustainable mobility solution, everywhere.

Provenzani Continues: "We took inspiration from the past, when civilizations flourished where there was presence of water, allowing them to use natural waterways for commerce and commuting. Our solution becomes now smart and sustainable."

The Jet Capsule to be built in Dubai for Middle East and Asia markets will be a smart vehicle, with sustainable solutions (hybrid and electric engines) and a solar rooftop able to support the ancillary systems even when engine is off.

The Joint Venture Lazzarini - Architaly Green Energy is ready to disrupt the urban mobility, using natural waterways which have no cost, and with a low carbon footprint, offering amazing "urban cruises".

This technology of course is also perfect for resorts located where water is present, such as islands, lakes, lagoons.

Here is a video of the Jet Capsule in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JDKv3U0Ek8&t=1s

For more information on how to order a Jet Capsule, or to invest into the Venture, or to become a Jet Capsule agent: [email protected]

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