Boca Raton, FL - Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) recently launched Case Management Services for Adults with Special Needs.

JFS works in concert with several social services agencies in the Palm Beach County community dedicated to serving the special needs community. These partnerships enable JFS to serve as an entry point to provide direct services within their Special Needs Program and to JFS’ comprehensive continuum of care. Additionally, these relationships serve as a navigator to connect special needs families with the full scope of services available in the community.

JFS was approached by a few families who were interested in hiring JFS to provide case management services for their adult children with special needs living in the community. JFS has earned a reputation for providing quality services to their clients and families through their geriatric case management program called “CareLink”. Recognizing that the types of services and case management required for adults with special needs would not be identical to that of CareLink, JFS researched other programs locally and nationally, and held a focus group with interested families in order to best provide access to the services that these families and their adult children need. Special Needs Case Management, a fee for service program, was created to enable those with special needs to live life to their maximum potential.

Prior to participating in the program, a JFS Special Needs Case Manager will assess an individual’s capability to remain safely in the home, facilitate access to needed medical, social, educational, psychological and other essential services, and assess clients’ strengths and limitations, as well as, develop a plan of care.

Lois and Mitch of Boca Raton, parents of a special needs child, are comforted knowing that their daughter is being looked after by a JFS Case Manager. Lois explained, “Having JFS provide care management services for our daughter gives our family a tremendous source of comfort. Their staff of licensed and experienced professionals know just what to look for when making a home visit to a vulnerable special needs adult living in the community. JFS is the link for our family assuring us that the safety and welfare of our daughter’s needs are being met.”

Tzippi Rosen, MSW, JFS Special Needs Outreach Coordinator pointed out, “It is important for a third party advocate to provide case management services for special needs adults; the advocate can provide an objective perspective that cannot be accomplished by a family member due to the parent/child dynamic.”

Danielle Hartman, JFS President & CEO stated, “JFS has been expanding our programs to meet the needs of our community. This new program is one more step in the evolution of JFS’ Special Needs department and compliments many of our other services. We know that families often feel overwhelmed by not knowing who they can trust in providing the best care for their loved one. JFS has a long history of providing quality care to our community. We look forward to seeing this program evolve as the needs increase.”

According to the Palm Beach County Special Needs Advisory Coalition, 12% of residents in Palm Beach County have one or more disability (over 167,725 residents). Data collected from the Palm Beach County School District indicates that there are 35,000 children and teens (ages 5-21) with special needs, of which 1,850 are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorders in the district. The need for Case Management Services will continue to increase as this population ages.

JFS’ Special Needs Department is part of their Center for Families & Children, which includes Career & Employment Services, Domestic Abuse Education & Action, Special Needs, Financial Assistance, and Community Outreach to schools and community based organizations. Through outreach, JFS brings services directly into the community through individual and group counseling, student groups and presentations, community-wide presentations, community learning opportunities, health fairs, and community events.

For more information on Case Management for Adults with Special Needs, contact Tzippi Rosen, MSW, JFS Special Needs Outreach Coordinator at 561.852.3333 or [email protected]

Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) provides help, hope and humanity through a comprehensive range of programs and services which support people of all ages and beliefs. With locations in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, JFS programs and services include food and financial assistance, senior services, counseling and mental health services, career and employment services, family and childrens services and many volunteer opportunities. Funding is provided by private and corporate support, grants, special events and individuals who reach thousands in need each year. For additional information, contact 561-852-3333. Learn more at

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