Jonnie Evil’s Arte Vida Studio is a comprehensive art studio that affords its prospective clients the best of deals as it showcases beautiful, affordable and yet unique artworks. With a mission statement of maintainingan efficient and technologically driven expertise on tattoos, artworks and prints, Arte Vida Studio provides an opportunity for clients to beautify their bodies at very affordable rates. Once Johnnie Evilis involved in your tattoos, prints and artworks, every client can be rest assured that everyneed will be met. That is Arte Vida Studio’s driving force.

Jonnie Evil’s Arte Vida Studio also takesevery client’s privacy very seriously as it goes about its business. For that reason, there are established practices and procedures for handling information at that follow the highest standards and best practices of individuals’ privacy.

From across the world customers have expressed their satisfaction of tattoo services rendered by Jonnie Evil. That is why over the years, the numbers of clients have increased and therefore has given Jonnie Evil’s Arte Vida Studio the encouragement it requires to further ensure every customer’s needs are satisfactorily attended to.

More about Arte Vida Studio

Jonnie Evil is a multi-award winning Tattoo Artist with over 9 years of experience. His artistic career started at the age of 18, where he landed an apprenticeship under tattooer Chris Melzo at a local Reno tattoo shop. Jonnie spent 3 years in Reno before moving to Houston, Texas. While working at Los Muertos Tattoo Studio in Houston with some of the best Black and Gray artists around, Jonnie was directed towards the style of Black and Gray Realism.  Becoming a member of the Arte Vida Familia in 2012, Jonnie returned back home to Reno in 2013.  He started working at Lasting Dose Tattoo & Art Collective in January 2015, and has been there ever since honing in his Black and Gray style.Johnnie Evil Arte Vida Studio can be connected with on its site as well as through email; on Facebook and Instagram.

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