Joomla is one of the big 3 CMS’s, next to WordPress and Drupal. Joomla is excellent for building a website with a lot of functionality, and it can also be quite easy to have it ranked in Google. This takes some experience in configuring the system, which is why was founded, focussing fully on Search Enguine Optimization for Joomla.

The site supplies a guide on Joomla SEO for beginning to advanced Joomla administrators. It also outlines some general SEO-priciples that also non-Joomla website owners could benefir from.

Following the guide should result in a website that is optimized for on-site SEO quite well. Topics that are discussed are meta-data, avoiding duplicate content, adding unique content, choice of a proper domain, optimizing links and images, avoiding 404-errors, etc. Also the Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are discussed.

A lot of information is also given as to how to create a fast-loading site, as it is major factor for user-experience, users are more likely to spend time on a website that is loading fast. This can be easily achieved with Joomla, using both the core functionality, but also some plugins are discussed that enhance this behaviour.


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