For homeowners planning for a bathroom renovation project and also those engaged in the construction of a new house, they can get the excellent alternative for bathroom tiles called bathroom wall panels offered by JT Spas.

Shower wall panels are cost-effective solutions to the installation of tiles in bathrooms. In addition to aesthetics, they are also designed to create a seamless watertight finish. This means that they can bring the same functionality like tiles for bathrooms, but with additional benefits.

JT Spas deals with a huge collection of shower panels that can perfectly fit any bathroom. Now when shopping for shower wall panels from JT Spas, buyers can get free delivery when they shop for 4 packs and also when they spend more than £199 with the store. This offer is provided by the store on all colours and styles applied at checkout.

About JT Spas:

JT Spas sells not just wall panels for bathrooms, but they have a huge collection of other items that will help any bathroom renovation or construction project. They have a web-based store.

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Company: JT Spas
Address: 2 Playfair Road, Leeds, LS10 2JP, UK
Phone: 0800 002 9744
Email: [email protected]

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