Dallas, Texas, March 8, 2018 – Boasting a commendable career in self-growth and professional coaching, Juracy de Johnson has now authored a new bestseller that serves as a profession/career guide NOT ONLY for MEXICAN professional women but also for LATIN AMERICAN professional women. The book teaches these women how to get started with their profession and how to get rid of their limiting beliefs in order to become a fully personified professional leader. In addition to career success strategies, the book also teaches the readers how to start their professional development from an early stage to achieve maximized success.

The Female Presence of Professional Women: A Guide for Your Professional Success at Work is written in Spanish in order to best cater to Johnson’s targeted demographic of Latin American and Mexican women who are starting out their careers. According to the author, it took her a long time in the workforce to learn some of the things that have been mentioned in the book. She wants young women to learn these essential strategies early on so they can start elevating their professional potential from the very beginning.

"Juracy helped me identify some beliefs that were limiting me and were replaced by new abundance claims. I recommend you to participate in their workshops!" stated a workshop attendee of Johnson’s methodologies and her knowledge.

Other than her literary career and hundreds of self-help articles, Johnson is also an expert in business coaching, holistic coaching and NLP. Hailing from Mexico, she is a national and international workshop leader who has led numerous successful workshops across Mexico and Latin America. Having always aimed for self-growth, coaching and NLP have become her main career areas. After battling and successfully overcoming cancer in 1993, she became even more geared towards personal development and refuses to be held back by any limiting factor.

Having learned many valuable lessons during her vast professional life, she now wants to share this vital knowledge with young professional women. In addition to her coaching, her workshops and the conferences she attends around the world, she is also a professor at the State’s University. Johnson’s qualifications include an MSc in seismology. Juracy de Johnson is available for interviews.

La Presencia Femenina de la Mujer Profesionista: Una Guía para tu Éxito Profesional en el Trabajo (The Female Presence of Professional Women: A Guide for Your Professional Success at Work) is now available at Amazon.com.

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079TWCVG6

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