Bliss Innovations, is currently launching the third product in its new premium homeware range, Keen Edge Home Travel Lighted Makeup Mirror. With a noteworthy advantage not offered by most other brands, the Keen Edge Home Travel Lighted Makeup Mirror is rechargeable and uses a lithium battery to power its 24 LED lights. Unlike other brands that mainly use disposable batteries for this purpose, Bliss Innovation’s customers requested the rechargeable option as they were concerned about the environment. Other advantages of the rechargeable option, include the convenience and no cost due to not having to buy batteries, and the USB cord enables easy and convenient recharging whenever it suits. Available on the Amazon e-commerce platform now, Bliss Innovations is proud to announce its release into the US marketplace.

According to Beth Hill the company spokesman, “Keen Edge Home’s Travel Lighted Makeup Mirror offers customers a user friendly travel mirror that will adhere to most surfaces by way of the base suction cup, allowing for hands free applications. Once the suction cup has been locked into position”, she explains, “the 360 degree rotation ball enables the mirror to be positioned to the precise angle required for the grooming job at hand; and the 24 LED lights ensure the mirror can be used in most places even where there is limited light.”

As a society, considerable emphasis is placed on personal care, with both males and females spending significant time and energy on individual grooming. The inclusion of the 7x magnification component of the Keen Edge Home travel mirror allows for these detailed personal care tasks to be undertaken with relative ease; and the durable and attractive off white faux swede carry case ensures the mirror protection and safety as it is transported from place to place.

“We stand behind the quality design and workmanship of our product, which enables us to offer a 5 year replacement warranty for customers’ peace of mind when they purchase on Amazon,” she explains.

About Bliss Innovations
Bliss Innovations is a family owned and operated online supplier of premium homeware, patio and garden products that offer innovative and contemporary designs for its customers. The company is committed to bringing its customers the best quality products that deliver on performance, durability and affordability in combination with impeccable customer service.

For further information please contact:
Beth Hill
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